グリム童話集:はだかの王様(THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES)1 一部引用
Many, many years ago lived an emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money in order to obtain them; his only ambition was to be always well dressed.
think much of:〜を重視する, ambition[名詞]願望
He did not care for his soldiers, and the theatre did not amuse him; the only thing, in fact, he thought anything of was to drive out and show a new suit of clothes.
He had a coat for every hour of the day; and as one would say of a king 'He is in his cabinet,' so one could say of him, 'The emperor is in his dressing-room.'
The great city where he resided was very gay; every day many strangers from all parts of the globe arrived.
reside[自動詞][rizáid]住む, gay[形容詞]派手な
One day two swindlers came to this city; they made people believe that they were weavers, and declared they could manufacture the finest cloth to be imagined.
swindler[名詞]詐欺師, weaver[名詞]機織り, manufacture[他動詞]作る
Their colours and patterns, they said, were not only exceptionally beautiful, but the clothes made of their material possessed the wonderful quality of being invisible to any man who was unfit for his office or unpardonably stupid.
exceptionally[副詞]並はずれて, unfit[形容詞]ふさわしくない, office[名詞]役職,
unpardonably[副詞]容認できないほどに, stupid[形容詞]愚かな





'That must be wonderful cloth,' thought the emperor.
'If I were to be dressed in a suit made of this cloth I should be able to find out which men in my empire were unfit for their places, and I could distinguish the clever from the stupid. I must have this cloth woven for me without delay.'
if were to:仮に〜するとしたら, empire[名詞]帝国, woven[名詞]織物
And he gave a large sum of money to the swindlers, in advance, that they should set to work without any loss of time.
in advance:前金で, set to:とりかかる
They set up two looms, and pretended to be very hard at work, but they did nothing whatever on the looms.
They asked for the finest silk and the most precious gold-cloth; all they got they did away with, and worked at the empty looms till late at night.
ask for:注文する, precious[形容詞]高価な,
gold-cloth:金糸織りの布, do away with:処分する
別の版ではput both into their own knapsacks:自分のものにして
'I should very much like to know how they are getting on with the cloth,' thought the emperor.
should like to=would like to:〜したい,get on:はかどる
But he felt rather uneasy when he remembered that he who was not fit for his office could not see it.






Personally, he was of opinion that he had nothing to fear, yet he thought it advisable to send somebody else first to see how matters stood.
advisable[形容詞]賢明な, matters:状況
Everybody in the town knew what a remarkable quality the stuff possessed, and all were anxious to see how bad or stupid their neighbours were.
stuff[名詞]物, anxious[形容詞]気になる
'I shall send my honest old minister to the weavers,' thought the emperor.
'He can judge best how the stuff looks, for he is intelligent, and nobody understands his office better than he.'
The good old minister went into the room where the swindlers sat before the empty looms.
Heaven preserve us!' he thought, and opened his eyes wide, 'I cannot see anything at all,' but he did not say so.
Both swindlers requested him to come near, and asked him if he did not admire the exquisite pattern and the beautiful colours, pointing to the empty looms.
admire[他動詞]称賛する, exquisite[形容詞]素晴らしい